List of 5 Little Things that Make Me Happy

So often vi get caught up in the struggle of getting through our busy week days, that we need to stop, take a deep breath and remember all the little things that make us happy.

The little idiosyncrasies that make you feel that the world isn't so bad after all. When they happen, it feels like a mini explosion of happiness. Thus, here is a list of my little happy points.

  1. When I'm able to match all my socks after running the laundry
    I'm really not sure why this is a challenge. I put two socks into the washing machine - and out comes one. I've heard that it's an universal thing, since this doesn't only happen to me.
    I keep the lonely socks in a basket in my laundry room - waiting and hoping for the partner to show up.
    On the rare occasion that I successfully ball up each sock to their rightful partner, it's a weird and very minor feeling of accomplishment. But it's an accomplishment no less.

  2. Writing - anything really; blog posts, letters, lists ...
    I just enjoy writing (and listing) all kinda stuff. Long emails, little stories, work-related instructions, blog posts and even little notes for my husband.
    It's all about tasting the words, designing sentences and make my point clear through texts (which I'm fully aware of, that I certainly don't succeed doing - every time). I enjoy it no less.

  3. Taking time to enjoy the moment
    Just being present. Here and now. Enjoying the moment, not thinking of what's next.Focus on the smell, what I see, the feelings inside me and the atmosphere around me. Being aware of exactly this moment.

  4. The sun breaking through the clouds on a rainy day
    That moment when all of sudden the clouds part and the sun breaks through and lets the sunbeams glitter in the puddles and maybe even paint a rainbow in the sky.

  5. Unexpected help from a stranger
    Like when you are in a hurry-hurry at the supermarket and the guy in front of you in the line, pushes aside his overloaded shopping cart and lets you get ahead of him.
    Or when you enter a parking lot and a lady comes up to you, asking if you want her ticket for free, since she's got no more use for it.

I could list a whole lot of other little things that make me happy too. But I'm running out of time. The week days are catching up with me and I have a ton of things to do; laundry, lunch boxes, paying my bills, grocery shopping  and ... and ... and ...

You can get lots of inspiration for listing your own little things that make you happy. If you ask your friend Google, you will find quit a large number of "what-makes-me-happy-lists" on the net. Go dive into it - and get inspired.

At Family Matters' blog you find a guide to make your own list of a hundred things that make you happy. They even provide a free sheet to help you on the way.

Please leave a comment telling me about the little things that make you happy - I'd like to get your inspiration.


  1. it makes me happy when the sun shines and the dust in the house is easy to see but you don't care.... :) and a lot of other things makes me happy of course:)

    1. I especially like not caring about dust (:


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