Top 5 Favorite Songs

These days I'm listening to music when I drive to and from work. Sometimes I enjoy the silence in the car, since both the mornings and my workdays can be pretty loud.

But for now - I blast up the volume and sing along as loudly as I can. Trying to remember all the lyrics and not giving a damn, when I don't.

1. Thinking Out Loud - by Ed Sheeran

It's really hard not to sing along to this song. Beautiful lyrics, loving the tune and melting away into his voice. Turn it up!

2. Together Again - by Janet Jackson

It's gotta be the up-beat version. Gets the car rocking - and the other drivers looking. We're around that time of year, when I lost a good friend. And though it's years ago now, I still need to remind myself that life is okay and that he is still with me, somehow. 

3. I'm Yours - by Jason Mraz

My all time favorite. That's just how it is. Always makes me smile. Always makes me wanna dance and have fun.

4. Everybody Hurts - by R.E.M.

Haven't heard this song in a million years. Just stumbled upon it. Made me cry. What's up with that now? Made me cry!

5. Get Your Way - by Jamie Cullum

First time I ever heard this song I thougt he had written it to and about me. Too much self reflection there. Yes I like to have my way, but only when I'm right. Which, for the record, I am almost everytime.

Now these songs won't be playing forever on my stereo. So what should I play instead? I need some new input.



  1. Our favourite - me and the kids strangely enough - are Clean Bandits (love the name too) med Rockabye:o)

    1. Of course, Mette. Thank you so much ♡

  2. Æææælsker R.E.M.! Må man godt skrive danske kommentarer på din blog?....

    1. Ja de er fantastiske! Maude, du må kommentere på lige det sprog der passer dig - hvis ikke jeg forstår det, spørger jeg Google :)

  3. New input? - New Ed Sheeran songs :-)

    1. Thanks, FiM :-) I looked into it last night (yeah for youtube), and you are right - now a fan of Ed Sheeran!


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