Tips for Temp Tattoos

If you are like me, when it comes to tattoos, then what's cool and what's not, keeps changing. So I think permanent tattoos are not for me. Not that it has anything to do with courage or the fear of pain. Not at all.

I'd love to wear temp tattoos though, and I've tried it once - an airbrushed infinity sign on my arm, one summer. It was cool. Felt cool. Looked cool. Faded away.

All the examples above are temp tattoos avalaible on etsy.com. Some transfers, others are do-it-yourself with henna tubes. 

Basic Guide to Temporary Tattoos gives some tips regarding skin care and techniques. This guide also recommends that you 'choose a body part that is wrinkle-free and smooth'.  (Turns out I'm 25 years too late - because I haven't noticed any wrinkle-free parts on my body for the last decade or two). 

I am really fascinated by the Indian style tattoos. They are like art work. But even if I bought the henna tubes, I would still need someone more artistic minded person to help apply it. Or ... see if I can handle both stencils, tubes, clumpsy hands and an impatient mind. That'll be a challenge. Check out this Complete Guide to Henna Tattoos.

In my search for tips, tests and advice regarding temp tattoos, I came across LaurDIY. In this video she tests different types, shows how-to and gives her advice. Enjoy. She's a laugh. 

Please share any thoughts, experience or tips you know about temp tattoos.



  1. I have 2 tatoos. One dolphin onthe back and a sign for friendship in my ancle.

    1. Dolphin made in Australia in 1995 and the one on the ancle in Copenhagen in 1999:)Both rather small...

    2. Really, Mette? I wouldn't have thought that, but then again, it seems like tattoos are more common than I knew. I like the idea of the sign of friendship on the ancle :-)


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