Apps I wouldn't cope without

I feel naked without my smartphone - and lost too. My  whole life is on that phone. My contacts, appointments, bank-accounts, mailbox, news feed, photo archive, shopping list etc. It's all organized in little smart apps - and some of them, I wouldn't cope without.

In case you wondered: This blogpost is not sponsored. It's just me sharing my tips and experience.

I've had a good look on my smartphone and picked out 5 apps that I really wouldn't cope without. (Not including contacts and texts - these goes without saying).

Week Cal

I've had the app Week Cal for many years. Gives me a good overview of my weeks - and I like the color-organized layout. Actually it's just an add-on to the existing calendar on my smartphone and it works perfectly for me. Although it doesn't prevent me for being late for my appointments - in spite of several alarms. Oh Well.


This app keeps me up-to-date on the weather. Any position in the world and yr.no is able to predict the weather almost precisely. I suspect those Norwegian weathermen to have supernatural powers. They definitely know something.


The best list app I've ever seen. And I've seen quite a great deal since I'm a bit of a list-a-holic. You can have numerous lists on Wunderlist, share them with anyone and more than one or don't share. You can write notes on the bullets, ad pictures/links and even assign to-dos to others (my favorite feature). 

My husband and I use it daily for grocery list, but we also share lists of movies that we wanna see, sights we wanna see, and I even share an IKEA shopping list with a friend with whom I (surprise) go shopping in IKEA, from time to time.


A really cool tool for note-taking. All sorts of organizing-possibilities, easy to use, syncs across devices ... OneNote just works for me. It's a big mess, with little scribbles everywhere but still in some kinda order. Neat!

Do It (Tomorrow)

This is my newest favorite app. I like to list both to-do and has-done per day - and I do it in a large paper calendar on my desk. I use it to keep track on the things I do get done (and of course the ones I've still yet to do). But I enjoy seeing it on paper that I haven't just been doing nothing all day. (Though it feels like it).

This app Do It (Tomorrow) makes my listing go digital. And it syncs between my devices. Hurray! The concept is simple. All the tasks you have listed, and that you don't wanna do today (or haven't got time to get done today), you can move till tomorrow. Procrastination on a whole new level! I love it! 

You know I'm a sucker for inspiration, so please tell me about your favorite apps in the comments. English or Danish - all comments are appreciated.